Explore Promenade Bolingbrook for Premier Shopping and Dining

Woman shopping for soaps and beauty care products in a shop at Promenade Bolingbrook

Are you searching for a destination featuring shopping, dining, and entertainment in one place? Then head to Promenade Bolingbrook. This vibrant open-air destination is eleven minutes from Eagle Creek Apartments and welcomes thousands of visitors every year. Highlights include: Mia’s Wish Mia’s Wish is a local store. It offers handcrafted organic bath and body products. Before opening the […]

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The Best Furniture Stores Near Westmont

Explore the best furniture stores near Westmont to find unique furniture.

Whether you’re just moving into to Eagle Creek Apartments or you’re a long-time resident, you might want to enhance your home with some new decor. If so, head to a furniture store where you’ll find loveseats, area rugs, colorful paintings, and so much more. Here are some of the best furniture stores near Westmont. Walter E. Smithe […]

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Go to Nourished Table & Home for Cooking Lessons and Lunch

young people at a cooking class

Preparing healthy meals can be daunting, especially as the seasons change. If you want to learn how to cook, the culinary community near Eagle Creek Apartments can help. Stop by Nourished Table & Home for cooking classes, food demos, and more. The owners are masters of living naturally, and the community stewards of optimum wellbeing. They […]

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