BurgerIM Offers Options for Vegans Near Westmont

A young woman drinks green smoothies and eats a burger in a vegan fast food restaurant like BurgerIM.

When you follow a vegan diet, or you’re just trying to reduce your meat consumption, finding places to eat is not always easy. Thankfully, BurgerIM, a new burger restaurant near Eagle Creek Apartments, offers plenty of vegan and vegetarian options. About BurgerIM BurgerIM is a casual eatery — the kind of place you would stop […]

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Order Thoughtful, Healthy Food at Blackberry Market

Enjoy toast, sandwiches, and more at Blackberry Market.

The food you eat should be something you feel good about. It should be natural, nourishing, healthy and delicious — at least, that is the philosophy at Blackberry Market. Enjoy their new cafe-style restaurant near Eagle Creek Apartments. With comfortable dining areas and fresh food choices, this is the perfect place to stop for a […]

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Order a Small Plate at the Best Tapas Restaurants Around Westmont

Order small plates from these tapas restaurants around Westmont.

When the weather is warm, do you prefer eating smaller portions? You can enjoy light meals or order a large snack before your next summer adventure at these tapas restaurants around Westmont. Head to one of these tapas restaurants just around the corner from Eagle Creek Apartments, where you’ll find dishes full of flavor. Emilio’s […]

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