Enjoy a Fun Night out at the Westmont Zombie Pub Crawl

People enjoying drinks and conversation at the Westmont Zombie Pub Crawl

Halloween has become one of the most fun nights of the year. With the constant expansion of horror movies to classic events like dressing up, it’s a holiday for all ages. What better way to celebrate the yearly holiday than with a zombie pub crawl close to your Eagle Creek Apartment? 2019 Westmont Zombie Pub […]

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Berger Station Is Taking American Food to the Next Level

Order a hamburger and a cocktail from Berger Station.

When you think of American food, which dishes come to mind first? There’s a good chance that burgers are near the top of the list! Berger Station, a casual restaurant about 20 minutes from Eagle Creek Apartments, is taking American food to the next level with exciting innovations. The Atmosphere at Berger Station Even the […]

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Enjoy Delicious Food At These Ethnic Restaurants Around Westmont

Try the kabob from Albaraka Grill.

Long summer days invite our appetite for adventure and novelty. Many of us remember childhood holidays filled with anticipation and joy. Satisfy your desire for newness this summer by visiting these ethnic restaurants around Westmont. They’re just a short drive from Eagle Creek Apartments, and every restaurant has something new for you to try. Albaraka […]

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