Try the Tastiest Tacos Around Westmont

Try these restaurants with delicious tacos around Westmont!

Did you know that women called the Chili Queens sold tacos in the United States as early as 1905? Today, Americans eat billions of tacos every year filled with ground beef, shredded chicken, and other delicious ingredients. Why not celebrate Taco Tuesday (and every other day) with the best tacos around Westmont? We suggest these locations […]

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Stay in and Order These Family-Style Dinners in Westmont

Get home-style cooking and family-style dinners in Westmont.

There are days when you just want to let someone else do the cooking. You can serve prepared home-style food without the fuss when unexpected company arrives or when a special occasion occurs. Even family dinners are made easy when you have these food gurus just around the corner from Eagle Creek Apartments. Order family-style dinners in […]

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Enjoy Gourmet Coffee at Brewed Awakenings

Get a delicious latte from Brewed Awaknings nearby.

Stop near the train station by Eagle Creek Apartments to find an unexpected little coffee shop tucked out of the way. Brewed Awakenings caters to the morning and lunch crowd. Boasting pastries and muffins baked fresh daily, the coffee shop has been a local favorite for quite some time. The Menu at Brewed Awakenings Stop by Brewed Awakenings for […]

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