Travel Back in Time with these Museums and Art Galleries in Westmont

man examining a painting at one of the local art galleries in town

Westmont is known for its serene and relaxed atmosphere, as well as access to plenty of cultural attractions. Just around the corner from Eagle Creek Apartments, you’ll find enough art galleries, museums, and exhibitions to keep your calendar full all through winter. If you’re a cultural buff, here are some of the awe-inspiring museums and art galleries in Westmont for you to explore.

Gregg House Museum

The William Gregg House Museum takes you back to the 1800s. This historical building was used by W Gregg, a brick industrialist, to showcase some of his products. A tour around the house offers critical insights into why it was located at the highest point along the CB&Q Railroad. Along the way, guests can also see some of Gregg’s inventions in the industry.

The Martina Studio and Gallery

Come and treat your eyes to some magnificent paintings at the Martina Studio and Gallery. This art enthusiast’s heaven showcases a wide range of original paintings that reflect on different aspects of life. Some feature abstract art, landscapes, and portraits, among other subjects. Who knows, you might end up purchasing one for your Eagle Creek apartment.

Graue Mill & Museum

The Graue Mill & Museum transports you back to the 19th century when the mill was used to generate power for Westmont town. Nestled in picturesque surroundings, this museum displays a selection of relics and ancient tools used in energy production. It’s a fun attraction, whether you’re a solo visitor or with the family.

For other fun, indoor activities in Westmont, head to these local cinemas to catch a new release or a classic movie. If you’d like more information about our Eagle Creek Apartments, please visit us online. You can take a virtual tour around the community from the comfort of your home or schedule a personal tour to come see all that the Eagle Creek Apartments have to offer.

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