Enjoy a Weekend Breakfast at Honey Berry Pancakes and Cafe

Experiment with a new brunch place: Honey Berry Pancakes and Cafe!

Pancakes are such a delicious breakfast staple. Maybe you remember your mother making them for you for breakfast on the weekends, or perhaps your tradition has always been to grab pancakes for brunch when certain friends come to town. In either case, you want to have a go-to pancake place near your apartment, and Honey […]

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Grab a Slice of Pie from the Best Pie Shops in Westmont

Order a pie from these pie shops near Westmont.

There’s always something to celebrate in the summer, whether it’s someone’s graduation, a birthday, a holiday… or simply a few days off from work. The best summer celebrations typically include some sort of pie. The area around Eagle Creek Apartments offers no shortage of places in which to find the perfect pie for your event. […]

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Enjoy Breakfast at Lumes Brunch Cafe Near Westmont

Enjoy brunch at Lumes Brunch Cafe near Westmont!

The original Lumes opened outside Chicago in 1991. Soon, customers came to appreciate their use of fresh ingredients and their friendly service. Just a few weeks ago, a new Lumes location, known as Lumes Brunch Cafe, opened up in Willowbrook, just a short drive from Eagle Creek Apartments. You’ll love their fresh and healthy options […]

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