Sweetness For Your Four-Legged Friend

Ever wonder if you can find special food for the special Fido or Kitty in your life? Well, at Eagle Creek Apartments, you can, because we are just a couple miles from the Happy Dog Barkery. Happy Dog makes treats for dogs and other pets. It bills itself as the premier dog bakery in the Western suburbs of Chicago.

What kind of treats, you ask? Well, every dog who visits gets a sample of Liver cake. Plus, Happy Dog Barkery specializes in birthday and holiday cakes for the dog in your life. They will make cakes for cats, too. They don’t restrict themselves to dogs and cats only, though – they’ve also made birthday cakes for horses, and even for small pets like mice and hamsters.

Flavors? They offer Liver cake, of course, and also Grain Free Peanut Butter, Carob, Grain Free Pumpkin or Grain Free Coconut. Cakes can be shaped like a robust dog biscuit. Cat cakes can be shaped like a fish. (Cat cake flavors are Tuna or Salmon.) These cakes are made to order, so please let them know at least 48 hours in advance.

They carry many different kinds of dog food as well, and are experts in premium brands.

The Happy Dog Barkery has events throughout the year designed for dogs and their owners to frolic with others of their kind. Scavenger hunts are one event that both pets and humans enjoy equally!

Bakery owners Cheryl and Beth Staley are sisters who wanted to work with dogs and own a business. They were able to realize that dream in 2004 and have been happily baking and working in the animal rescue world since then.

Please contact us to learn more about Happy Dog Bakery or our apartments at Eagle Creek.

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