Enjoy Delicious Food At These Ethnic Restaurants Around Westmont

Try the kabob from Albaraka Grill.

Long summer days invite our appetite for adventure and novelty. Many of us remember childhood holidays filled with anticipation and joy. Satisfy your desire for newness this summer by visiting these ethnic restaurants around Westmont. They’re just a short drive from Eagle Creek Apartments, and every restaurant has something new for you to try. Albaraka […]

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Order a Small Plate at the Best Tapas Restaurants Around Westmont

Order small plates from these tapas restaurants around Westmont.

When the weather is warm, do you prefer eating smaller portions? You can enjoy light meals or order a large snack before your next summer adventure at these tapas restaurants around Westmont. Head to one of these tapas restaurants just around the corner from Eagle Creek Apartments, where you’ll find dishes full of flavor. Emilio’s […]

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Enjoy a Weekend Breakfast at Honey Berry Pancakes and Cafe

Experiment with a new brunch place: Honey Berry Pancakes and Cafe!

Pancakes are such a delicious breakfast staple. Maybe you remember your mother making them for you for breakfast on the weekends, or perhaps your tradition has always been to grab pancakes for brunch when certain friends come to town. In either case, you want to have a go-to pancake place near your apartment, and Honey […]

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